Igloo Lodge

Sustainable sleepover at Igloo Lodge

At World of Greenland, sustainability is an important part of our DNA, and as a Greenlandic company, we protect the local environment and a greener world. We are Greenlandic CVR-registered, and this means that all corporate tax and personal tax is paid locally in Avannaata Kommunia.  

We are committed to the local environment, and all profits raised are reinvested in Greenland. To us, nature preservation and a greener future are core values in all our stays.

Although it is not easy to run a sustainable business, it will always be the big core focus at World of Greenland. That is why we work every single day to ensure ecotourism, which in short describes measures that limit the negative impact on the Greenlandic landscape in the untouched areas such as at Igloo Lodge. We do what we an to ensure a sustainable vacation in Greenland.  

#1 Our goods and natural resources come from the local community

Of course, we cherish the delicious ingredients, because you deserve a stay in a class of its own. At the same time, we can support the local environment and avoid long transport journeys. Our igloos are built from the winter lands only natural material, snow. All our drinking water is also produced from ice and snow from the surroundings, which we filter thoroughly so you can drink it with peace of mind. We use the best natural resources that we have around us, like it has been done by Inuit through millennia.

#2 No use of single-use plastic and you can join too

In our lodge, we aim to minimize disposable plastic, and therefore we also recommend that you strive for the same. Feel free to bring a recyclable water bottle, but if you forget it from home, we will help you get your hands on a new one.

#3 A winter destination that makes a difference

Igloo Lodge is World of Greenland’s first winter lodge. The opening of Igloo Lodge has been an important step to ensure a more sustainalbe tourisme development in the Disko Bay. The expanding of seasons is one of the most important matters in Visit Greenland’s national tourisme strategy, that we in World of Greenland are focused on. With the opening of Igloo Lodge, we want to highlight Greenland’s winter tourisme, and participate to create more full-time positions within local tourisme.

We hope that you will help to ensure sustainable tourism and take good care of Greenland's landscape. Together, we can work towards our sustainable vision. 

#4 We support Greenlandic Children's Association

World of Greenland has become ISUMASSUISOQ for the Association of Greenlandic Children. ISUMASSUISOQ can best be translated as “one who takes responsibility for others”. The purpose of the collaboration is to support the association's work to give Greenlandic children, and thus Greenland a better future. This is done through summer camps, workshops for children and parents, collaboration for company visits and internships, and by offering all children and young people a child assistant in the meeting with the authorities. here.

In addition to sponsoring an annual amount, we also donate 20 kr. per person to the Greenlandic Children's Association, when you book a stay at Igloo Lodge. 

When booking a night at our beutiful lodge, you therefore also help us giving Greenlandic children and our country a brighter future.