Igloo Lodge

The Igloos

All igloos have built-in cold trap, and are equipped with cold-reflecting thermal mats, matresses, skins and warm expedition sleeping bags. We have also provided candles, which ensure you a cozy atmosphere and extra warmth in the igloo.

If it still gets too cold for you, you can always stay inside the cabin, where we have warm, double bedrooms.

Beds per igloo/room

2 persons


The temperature in the igloo can range from 0 degrees Celsius to very hard frost. The room is warm.


Thermal mats, sleeping pads, reindeer skins, expedition sleeping bags, backup inside room

The Cabin

Our lovely cabin is the heart of the lodge. 

It is here we greet you upon arrival, here we enjoy the shared meals together, here you can sit with a blanket and enjoy the view with a cup of tea, here we have a wealth of exciting books about Greenland and cozy board games, here we have happy hour , and not least it is here our fantastic staff are at your service.

Inside the cabin there are toilets and bedrooms – if it gets too cold to sleep in the igloo.

It is also at the cabin, you have the opportunity to hear more about the various experiences we offer from Igloo Lodge with dog sleds, snowmobiles and snowshoes. 


hytte vinter @Filip Gielda, Visit Greenland 2019
You will also have

All stays at Igloo Lodge include


You will sleep in a traditional igloo, but you also have a room inside the warm cabin.


We make sure that you have all equipment needed for spending the night in an igloo. You just need to bring your everyday winter outerwear.


Many hotels offer free wifi, in Igloo Lodge we offer a wifi-free vacation.


Transport with snowcat from Ilulissat and back.

Coffee and tea ad libitum

In Igloo Lodge we cherish the cosiness. Our greatest task is to ensure your happines and that there is always coffee on the pot.

Full board

Cold lunch, afternoon cake, a steaming hot dinner and breakfast before departure.