About Ilimanaq Lodge

Getting to Ilimanaq Lodge – A boat ride through UNESCO

There are no roads to Ilimanaq from the surrounding towns. You arrive by boat, and your holiday starts the moment you leave Ilulissat.

The journey through Ilulissat Icefiord is in a league of its own. We zig zag through some of the world’s largest icebergs, and with a bit of luck we will encounter a whale or two before we arrive at the small quay of Ilimanaq. It is no coincidence that the area is part of UNESCOs world heritage list.

  • We have arranged a boat shuttle that you can easily purchase when booking a stay.
  • The boat ride takes approximately 1 hour, depending on weather and ice condition.
  • Departure from Ilulissat is at either 1:30 pm or 3.15 pm.
  • Departure from Ilimanaq is at either 2:45 pm or 4:00 pm.
  • We sail in smaller, fast boats with room for 12 passengers. It is possible to sit both outdoors and indoors.

Open from mid-June - mid-September

The historical houses

Few minutes’ walk from the bungalows, you encounter two of the oldest houses in Greenland. Today they make the setting of our reception and the two restaurants - Restaurant Egede and KOKS. 

The buildings have a special history - they once belonged to the well-known missionary Paul Egede. Paul was the sun of Hans Egede who founded the colony Greenland back in the 1700s. Paul build the house, that today houses the restaurant. He also operated his business as a tradesman and a missionary from the old shop, that today function as a reception and holds our conference room.

The buildings are protected and worthy of preservation, and up until the opening of Ilimanaq Lodge they were carefully restored by Realdania By & Byg. The renovation lasted a full 3 years, during which they were completely taken apart, repaired as gently as possible, and then assembled again. The project has won the prestigious Europa Nostra Award - and for good reason.

The buildings have been restored to their original identity, and many of the original materials and colors have been preserved. For example, you will experience the original shop interior in the reception and original sails from a whaling ship in the restaurant's ceiling.

Besides the restoration of the historical houses in Ilimanaq, Realdania is also behind the creation of Ilulissat Icefiord Center.

If you are interested in history, architecture, or decoration, you should definitely not miss out on a visit in Ilimanaq Lodge.

A pioneering project

Ilimanaq Lodge was built as a pioneering project in Greenlandic tourism. 

The project is a collaboration between the municipality, Realdania and World of Greenland. The municipality has been responsible for improving infrastructural conditions, such as sewerage, harbor conditions, waste station and footpaths in the settlement. Realdania has been responsible for the renovation of the Historic Houses. And World of Greenland has built 15 bungalows, and is responsible for the operation of the lodge.

The purpose of the project is a desire to contribute to the sustainable development of the settlement. Through tourism, where the foundation is the values ​​of this specific place, we want to create fertile ground for sustainable jobs and development in Ilimanaq.


What previous guests say

Kathrine Andersen
Kathrine Andersen
Luxurious and completely unique - 2 nights
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"Definitely worth a visit. One of the most unique places in the world - no understatement! Great location of cottages with panoramic views. Spotting whales from the terrace morning, noon, afternoon and evening close to shore. Opportunity to enjoy the view and the silence from the own terrace. Possibility of hiking in the area. The food in the restaurant was gourmet with simple dishes, local ingredients at affordable prices. Friendly staff. We visited the place in the beginning of September 2018, where we experienced the northern lights very clearly over most of the sky.
It's all about the cabin view!
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I had read about and seen photos of the Ilimanaq Lodge and knew we had to stay there! We made sure our Greenland adventure included three nights here. Important to know right upfront: there is no wifi available, so you will be off the grid unless you have arranged previously for your own internet service in Greenland. Our itinerary had us take the transfer boat here from Qasigiannguit. When you arrive at the dock, you manage your own bags the short distance to the World of Greenland office. Staff was very helpful and pleasant. Your bags will be taken from there to your lodge for you. ... A truly memorable experience!"
Signe Marie H
Signe Marie H
Two fantastic nights
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"We had two lovely nights in Ilimanaq lodge! The cabins are without comparison in terms of location with anything else we have tried. Even though the whales were not super active, we would sit in the hut and look out over the water for hours. The food was the best we had in Greenland. Simple, with good ingredients and good taste - and a little to explore the Greenlandic cuisine in an appetizing way."
Great experience in a new and modern lodge with fabulous location
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Ilimanaq is not terribly easy to get to. You'll need to go by boat from Aasiaat or Ilulissat. It is a very, I mean VERY, small settlement with 55-58 inhabitants. The lodges are brand new and beautiful. I was one of the first tourists that stayed there back in 2017 with Greenland Travel and I loved it. Things to know: unless they changed something, the shower is only hot for 5 minutes. They are practically off grid so things have to conserve their resources. The restaurant is fabulous. Probably the best fancy cuisine in Greenland. However, the portion sizes are rather small for the average American. It is wise to head on over to Pilersuisoq and grab some snacks for your hut. I'd only recommend two people per hut. I don't know what the hotel is recommending for max occupancy but perhaps a child can sleep on the couch downstairs. If you're not so good at carrying your luggage, the staff is very good about taking care of that with their ATVs and super strong staff members. The distance between the restaurant and the huts is not close so if you have mobility or accessibility issues, you might want to ask your tour operator about that. I stayed for 3 nights before heading north to Ilulissat and I didn't want to leave.

Good reasons to stay at Ilimanaq Lodge

Calm and presence

Ilimanaq is peace and quiet. Here we are tucked away from Ilulissat, and we dare to promise that your shoulders will drop as soon as you check in with us.

Meet locals

In Ilimanaq we live together with the local residents. You meet them in the shop, on the walking paths in the settlement, or in the reception for a cup of coffee.

Wild nature

The boat tour from Ilulissat to Ilimanaq is an experience in itself. Here we pass the world-famous icebergs from Ilulissat Icefjord, setting the mood for a magical stay.

Greenlandic gastronomy

Since its opening, Ilimanaq Lodge has been among the leading restaurants in Greenland. The level is high, the atmosphere is relaxed and the focus is on local sourcing.

Ilimanaq Lodge

World of Greenland
Fredericiaip’ Aqq. 4
3952 Ilulissat

Phone: +299 944300
Email: info@wog.gl

World of Greenland
Fredericiaip’ Aqq. 4
3952 Ilulissat

Phone: +299 944300 Email: info@wog.gl

Difficulty Level
1: Easy

An easy tour means that you must be able to walk a few kilometers in slightly hilly terrain. Like taking a walk on paths in the woods, with a little detour every now and then. You must also be mobile enough to be able to board a boat, even if it may sway a little.

2: Moderate

Accessible to anyone with good health, who is used to off-road walking and hiking. When it comes to sledding, we call it moderate, as you may have to get off the sled and walk / run next to it. In addition, you need to have a healthy back as there will be bumps along the way.

3: Challenging

On a challenging hike you must be able to walk up and down steep hills. You may also have to walk on loose rocks and cross streams, and walk on snow/ice. Involves hiking with a backpack. When challenging is used in connection with sledding tours, it is because we expec that you can walk / run after the sledge up hills, if this is needed. 

4: Demanding

On a demanding hike we expect you to be in good physical shape. This means that you can hike long distances, maybe during several days, and that you can climb many altimeters during the day. Eg. our hike to the Inland Ice, where 1000 altimeters and 20 km must be climbed in one day. Demanding hikes involve hiking with your own backpack.


Expedition level. Requires considerable effort and perseverance. Only suitable for people in really good physical shape.

Besøgende til Glacier Lodge Eqi

Glacier Lodge Eqi, er beliggende på fjeldet 100 m over vandet. Vi anbefaler derfor at bagage medbringes i en rygsæk, da stigningen ikke gør det muligt at medbringe en kuffert. Bemærk, at landgangen ikke er handikapvenlig. Alle vandreture i Eqi, samt vandring på egen hånd bør betragtes som fjeldture der går fra udfordrende til meget krævende.

World of Greenland
Fredericiaip’ Aqq. 4
3952 Ilulissat

Tlf: +299 94 43 00
Email: info@wog.gl