Included in the stay

Departure from Ilulissat to Igloo Lodge with a snow cat

Welcome at the lodge

Lunch in the cabin

Afternoon refreshments


Storytelling and watching out for northern lights

Staying overnight in an igloo *


Departure from Igloo Lodge to Ilulissat with a snow cat

Possible purchases

Dog Sledding

From Igloo Lodge you get the best dog sledding tour in the area. Forgiving terrain, lots of snow and a fantastic view piont.


Why not go one step further and join us on our snowmobile tour no explore even more of the backcountry?


On the snowshoe hike we cross the border to UNESCO and have coffee break with a view of Ilulissat Icefjord. Everyone can participate in this tour.

Departure from Ilulissat to Igloo Lodge is in the morning.
Arrival back to Ilulissat is early afternoon.
* With the option to sleep in a cozy room inside the cabin.

Dog sledding

* Requires 1 night at Igloo Lodge

From Igloo Lodge, we offer one of the area's absolutely coolest winter tours - a dog sled ride from Igloo Lodge.

Here you escape the "traffic" and get the real experience of total silence. The route goes from Igloo Lodge out to a fantastic viewpoint, which we often don't share with anyone. 

The dogs stand, as extra residents of Igloo Lodge, on the lake in front of the lodge, and you are therefore involved in the entire process – from preparation to the feeding session after the trip.  

This tour is operated by Dogsled Academy - a small tour company run by Jørgen Kristensen who lives in Ilulissat. You can look forward to meeting Jørgen in his wonderful person. Jørgen is actually a dog sledding super star here in Greenland. He has won the national dogsledding race 5 times in a row, and he has many great life stories to tell. What we love about Jørgen is his fascinating and mild approach to the dogs and the strong bond he has with them. This mild and open approach also counts for guests on his tours where he loves to explain and tell stories. Jørgens dogs are very friendly and therefore we love having them as permanent residents at our lodge during the winter. 

Please note
All particpants must be at least 8 years old.
The length of this tour is approx. 1,5 hour. However, this can vary from day to day, depending on conditions such as the amount and depth of snow and mood of the dog team.
If you have a back or neck issues, you should choose one of the other activities available at Igloo Lodge.


Feb 1st. - April 15th.


1.5 hours

Min. participants

1 person

Price per adult from
DKK 1695,-

Walking amongst Giants

* Requires 1 night at Igloo Lodge

This excursion is a thrilling snowmobile adventure. The excursion begins at Igloo Lodge. From here we go by snowmobile to "Aattartoq" – the local hunters and fishermens community base throughout the winter. It is a beautiful drive, with numerous unique and spectacular views that greets us on each mountain top. We have repeatedly views of "the dead glacier" and the enormous ice sheet in the background.

We arrive at “Attartoq” after approximately 45 minutes’ drive. Here we are met by the frozen fiord Sikuiuitsoq. From the meter thick sea ice icebergs emerge in distinctive formations with nuances of blue and shinning white. But the area offers more than ice. In the cabins by the fishing grounds, local fishermen and hunters find shelter from the darkness and the cold. Close by the sledge dogs rest on the sea ice.

Upon arrival we park our scooters and give ourselves plenty time to slender on the sea ice among the icebergs – the Giants of Greenland. We also get insight in the life as a hunter/fisherman in present Greenland, before we return to Igloo Lodge.

Please note

The participants are divided in pairs for a snowmobile.
All participants must be at least 12 years old.
Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
The drivers of the snowmobiles must be able to present a valid driver's license.
We will provide you with a warm coverall and expedition boots. But you must bring your ownb gloves and beanie.


Feb 10th. - April 15th.


2,5 hours

Min. participants

1 person

Price per adult from
DKK 995,-

Snowshoe UNESCO

* Requires 1 night at Igloo Lodge

Every day, we go on this wonderful snowshoe hike from Igloo Lodge. 

After a short introduction, the trip goes across the frozen lake in front of the lodge, and up through a small pass, crossing the UNESCO boearder. The pass opens out towards Ilulissat Icefjord, and here is the most beautiful view point, where we take a coffee break. 

We have plenty of time to enjoy the view, take pictures and maybe spot a ptarmigan or two before heading back towards Igloo Lodge again. 

Please note
Everyone can participate on this hike. 


Feb 1st. - April 15th


1,5 hour

Min. participants

1 person

Price per adult from
DKK 295,-