About World of Greenland

Unique lodge accommodation and excursions in Greenland

World of Greenland is driven by delivering great experiences.We develop and operate unique lodges in the area around Disko Bay, and soon also in the Nuuk Fjord. All our lodges have in common that their magnificent location and well-considered concept merge into a higher entity that will give our visitors the exclusive and authentic experience they will soon forget.
In addition to running unique lodges, we arrange a selection of excursions from Ilulissat, including boat tours, cultural tours, helicopter tours and more. 

World of Greenland is part of Air Greenland Group and we are thereby owned by the paople of Greenland.

We are a joint stock company, founded on January 1st. 2007. Each year any profits are reinvested in new initiatives that help market Greenland as a sustainable and exciting destination on an international scale. 

We always have a watchful eye on tourism trends, and act as first movers in relation to these. Through close contact with our guests and partners, we continuously evaluate new ideas and launch flagships, which will become pioneering projects for further initiatives in Greenlandic tourism and business.

We work purposefully with Visit Greenland's national tourism strategy as a guideline, and believe that we will get the farthest through cooperation - both locally and nationally.

World of Greenland’s mission is to deliver the most exotic and unique experiences to the discerning and quality-conscious traveler, through a sustained focus on quality, accountability and sustainable development.

World of Greenland’s vision er at løfte Grønland på en bæredygtig måde gennem udvikling og partnerskaber.

World of Greenland is for you who want a little more. For you who want to experience what Greenland really has to offer. For you who dare to go off the beaten track. And not least for you who care for the imprint you make on your journey past Greenland.

Sustainable tourism development

The overall vision for members of Air Greenland Group is to lift Greenland in a sustainable way together with the local business community through development and partnerships.

World of Greenland is obliged to act upon the country's interests and contribute to promoting the development of sustainable tourism locally.

The three main focuses for sustainable local tourism development are…

Geographical spread

To work on creating a geographical spread of tourism by building Lodges. This contributes to the creation of jobs, development and economy in different parts of our country.

Season expansion

To strive to extend the tourist season by developing winter and year-round experiences. This aims to ensure year-round employment and motivate locals to engage in tourism.

Local cooperation

To prioritize collaboration with other operators to strengthen capacity and competence building locally in the tourism industry.

Sustainable lodges

Sustainability is a central part of World of Greenland's product development, and therefore it is important to minimize the environmental and climate impact in the places where we build lodges.

The 3 main focus point for sustainability in the development of lodges are…

Sustainable cabins

We mainly use renewable energy in our lodges, and build from materials that have the least possible CO2 emission and environmental impact.


We seek to minimize shipping distances by purchasing and sourcing as many local products as possible.

Waste and recycling

We recycle as much as we can in all aspects of the lodge's operation, including building materials, interiors and food.
On the separate lodge sites, you can learn more about how each individual lodge works with sustainability.

Excursions in Ilulissat

In addition to the development and operation of unique lodges, World of Greenland also has a tour department in Ilulissat, where we, together with other operators, organize day trips for visitors.
Our local partnerships are an important part of Air Greenland Group's vision to lift Greenland. Through local partnerships, we want to ensure social and economic sustainability in Greenlandic tourism development.