KOKS Ilimanaq is now open

Now you have the opportunity to experience the World famous restaurant KOKS in Ilimanaq Lodge.

KOKS is usually based in the Faroe Islands, where they are known for delivering 2-starred Michelin tasting menus in secluded and scenic surroundings.

We are proud of this collaboration, and hope it will lead to a new increased awareness of Greenland and all that our beautiful country has to offer.

World of Greenland is for you, who want a little more

World of Greenland is driven by delivering great experiences.

Through a long series of years we developed new products and developed as a company. From beeing Greenland's biggest tour operator with an ambitiously wide catalog we have now found our key area. Where we are at our best. We develop and run unique lodges in the Disko Bay area and soon in Nuuk as well.

All of our lodges has in common that their magnificant location and deliberated concept come together in that exclusive and authentic experience, you will never forget. 

The land of adventures

In our opinion Greenland should be on everybodys bucket list. Our beautiful country has so much to offer. In Greenland you can, among much more, experience calving glaciers, blowing whales, unique and well preserved cultural heritage, amazing northern lights and icebergs as big as your house.

We have something for everyone. Whether you are up for an active holiday, cultural immersion, adventure, or simply just enjoying the view from the terrace, we have mind blowing experiences awaiting you.

Hvis du også går og overvejer, om din næste rejse skal gå til Grønland, så følg med på Visit Greenland's webpage, og få de bedste råd inden afrejse. 

Welcome to Greenland - the land of adventures.

Beyond your imagination

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