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Helicopter - Kangia Classic

Enjoy a glass of champagne here, where no boat or hiker can get to - on the outer edge of the mountain in front of the giant glacier.
This tour is the only opportunity to get right into the heart of the UNESCO area. Flying a helicopter is an experience in itself, and combined with the scenery in these surroundings, the trip is an absolute classic.
Price per adult from
DKK 3995,-

Iceberg Sightseeing

When visiting Ilulissat you should not miss out on a boat tour among the famous icebergs.
During one year, more than 48 km3 of ice flows into the fiord. The result is gigantic icebergs, which can be more than 100 meters on each side and with a height on more than 100 meters above the water surface.
Price per adult from
DKK 695,-

Dog Sledding

An absolute must-do if visiting Ilulissat during winter time.
The image of some dogs harnessed to a simple wooden sled has become synonymous with Greenland. The whistle of the sleds against the compacted snow and the creaking ropes as the sled twists with the terrain breaks the total silence. The experience cannot be explained - it must be tried.
Price per adult from
DKK 1495,-

KOKS Ilimanaq

Do you want to spice up your trip to Greenland with a world-class gastronomic experience? Then a visit to KOKS in Ilimanaq Lodge is worth a visit.

It made headlines all over the world when, in 2022, World of Greenland and KOKS began a collaboration on the operation of the restaurant at Ilimanaq Lodge. 
KOKS is a 2-star Michelin restaurant, which is normally based in the Faroe Islands, but which has temporarily moved to Ilimanaq. At Ilimanaq Lodge you can experience the first Michelin restaurant in the Arctic ever. 

We are proud of this collaboration, which has put our beautiful country on the world map of exciting and versatile destinations. 

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All of our lodges has in common that their magnificant location and deliberated concept come together in that exclusive and authentic experience, you will never forget. 

Our tour department in Ilulissat is based on a high service level and local partnerships.

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