Ilimanaq LodgE

Are you dreaming of an idyllic holiday in a small Greenlandic settlement with focus on precense and quality? Then book your trip to Ilimanaq Lodge today.

Greenland next level

Ilimanaq Lodge is beautifully located in the settlement of Ilimanaq. Ilimanaq is close to Ilulissat, but yet a completely different world. Here live approx. 50 people, and everyday life is quite different from many other places. With a stay at Ilimanaq Lodge, you get a unique insight to life in a Greenlandic settlement 300 km north of the Arctic Circle.

With a bungalow at the edge of the cliffs, nature is at your doorstep. Enjoy your morning coffee from your private terrace, while small fishing boats slowly pass in the crystal-clear water. You may even witness a whale family elegantly swimming by.

At Ilimanaq Lodge we offer a selection og exciting activities in the area. You can book guided hikes, boat trips, meet locals and experience their culture, or even join an adventurous journey, that brings you all the way the enormous ice sheet.

World of Greenland do more than arrange memorable vacations. If you care about your foot print, Ilimanaq Lodge is the right choice for you. We cherish our surroundings. For example, all bungalows have solar panels, the luggage carrier is an electrical vehicle. We hire locally to the best possible extent, leftovers from the restaurant are given to local hunters’ dogs and locally produced souvenirs are sold from the reception. In other words, we do our very best to support a positiv development in Ilimanaq.

What to do

Excursions at Ilimanaq Lodge

Glacier Adventure

* Supports smaller, local tour operator

An adventurous full-day tour that takes you through arctic tundra and fjords, all the way to the Ice Sheet. The tour takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Price per adult from
DKK 2995,-

Settlement walk

* Supports smaller, local tour operator

On the Settlement walk you will learn more about life in Ilimanaq. What is the history of the place, and what is life like when you live in a settlement at the end of the world?
Price per adult from
DKK 295,-

Tundra Hike

* Supports smaller, local tour operator

A wonderful hike north out of the settlement. We hike along the coast and out to a beautiful viewpoint. On the way we have opportunity to spot animals such as hares or musk oxes, and to pick herbs in season. The numerous inuit tombs in the area tell a story of the past.
Price per adult from
DKK 500,-


Sea View

All bungalows in Ilimanaq Lodge have large windows overlooking the Disko Bay and private terraces.


Many hotels offer free wifi, in Ilimanaq Lodge we offer a wifi-free vacation.

Private shower

All bungalows at Ilimanaq Lodge have private bathroom with modern facilities.

green initiatives

All bungalows run on solar energy, and all surplus power is passed on to the settlement, so that we can all save on the use of the generator.


We transport your luggage from reception to the lodge area.


KOKS breakfast is included in the overnight stay.


Sustainability is part of our DNA. Book a stay in Ilimanaq Lodge and enjoy your vacation in good conscience.

We offer eco-tourism in scenic surroundings with focus on sustainable initiatives within green energy, local cooperation and positive development of Ilimanaq. 

On this page you can read more of our actual projects and how you can contribute to our goal of a greener settlement in a thriving development.

"In Greenland, you have to expect the unexpected. The infrastructure is delicate, the culture is alive and WiFi is not a matter of course. We encourage all guests to keep an open mind, stay present, and take in the adventure."