Glacier Lodge Eqi

Do you have a weakness for adventure combined with high comfort, spectacular experiences, and wild nature? Well, then a stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi is the perfect vacation for you.

Transport to Glacier Lodge Eqi

Your Greenlandic adventure begins here

The Eqi Glacier is located about 80 km north of Ilulissat and it is only accessible by boat or helicopter. When you book a stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi, your experience therefore begins with a unique boat trip from Ilulissat to the Eqi Glacier. The boat trip from Ilulissat to Eqi is not just a matter of transportation. It is where your exclusive stay begins. 

On the way we pass tiny settlements, steep fields, beautiful waterfalls and icebergs in incredible shapes and colors. And that is before two glaciers and the enormous Icesheet is in sight. If we are lucky we might even spot seals and whales on the way.

  • The boat trip lasts for approximately 3,5 hour each way.
  • A 2-hour lunch stop in front of the glacier is included on the way to Eqi.
  • The boat departs Ilulissat during morning.
  • The boat arrives at Glacier Lodge Eqi in the afternoon.
  • Arrival in Ilulissat at dinnertime.
  • A light breakfast, lunch, coffee/tea and a lecture on the area are all included on the way to Eqi
  • Afternoon cake and tea and coffee is included on the way to Ilulissat.
  • Transfer from Hotel Arctic, Hotel Icefiord or Disko Line Explorer to and from the boat is included.


Sustainability and caretaking is part of our DNA at World of Greenland.

We are a Greenlandic company with a Greenlandic CVR. Among other things, this means that all our corporate tax and personal tax is paid locally in Avannaata Kommunia. It also means that everything we do is rooted in the local environment and commitment.

Our glacier lodges have a truly unique location right next to the glacier in the northern hemisphere that calves most often. Here, the effects of global warming are undoubtably made visible. 

Therefore, we have taken a number of steps to ensure that our lodges and your stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi are as sustainable as possible and have a minimal impact on the area.

In other words, we make it easier for you to travel Greenland in a green way.

Cabins at Glacier Lodge Eqi


Modern and minimalistic sleepover close to nature
Glamping is the right choice if you both wish a certain level of comfort, but also love being close to nature. Try the popular glamping concept at Galcier Lodge Eqi.
Price per adult from
DKK 4245,-

Comfort De Luxe

Highest comfort in first row
Are you dreaming about waking up with an unspoiled view of a glacier from your bed? In that case Comfort De Luxe is the right choice for you.
Price per adult from
DKK 5370,-


Great comfort, close to the café
Are you seeking accommodation with high level of comfort, but willing to compromise with the location? Then Comfort is the best choice for you.
Price per adult from
DKK 4945,-


Simple, but beautiful accommodation in a simple wilderness cabin
The standard cabin is a more budget friendly option, where you will still have everything needed for a magical stay.
Price per adult from
DKK 4245,-
You will also have

Any stay in Glacier Lodge Eqi includes

Glacier view

There is glacier view from all cabins and tents in Glacier Lodge Eqi.


Many hotels offer free wifi, in Glacier Lodge Eqi we offer a wifi-free vacation.

Full board

Continental breakfast buffet, lunch or lunch pack and a 3 course dinner.

Private terrace

All cabins and tents have a private terrace with comfortable sun loungers.


Transport with boat from Ilulissat to Eqi and return.


5 hours hike to the top of the glacier moraine on departure day.