Glacier Lodge Eqi

Sustainable stay in Eqi

Sustainability is part of our DNA at World of Greenland. We are a Greenlandic company with a Greenlandic CVR. Among other things, this means that all our corporate tax and personal tax is paid locally in Avannaata Kommunia. It also means that everything we do is rooted in the local environment and commitment.

Our glacier lodges have a truly unique location right next to the glacier in the northern hemisphere that calves most often. Here, the effects of global warming are undoubtably made visible. We cannot just stand by and watch it happen. We must take responsibility for the nature we live in.

Therefore, we have taken a number of steps to ensure that our lodges and your stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi are as sustainable as possible and have a minimal impact on the area.

You can read more about these steps on this page.

Green energy and marked paths help protect our Greenlandic nature

Running a sustainable business is not always easy, but we can all do our part to contribute. That is why we at World of Greenland work with the concept of ecotourism. In short, this means that we have taken several measures to ensure the least possible impact on the gentle, Greenlandic landscape around the Eqi glacier. This is our way of ensuring your sustainable holiday in Greenland.

# 1 Our electricity supply comes from green energy

The electricity we use to cook, heat the water for tea and coffee, charge our guests’ cameras etc. all come from solar cells. This means that we produce all our energy as green as possible. Should the equipment fail unexpectedly, we do, of course, also have an emergency generator that we can turn on. In other words, the cold shower is completely voluntary.

# 2 We mainly use Greenlandic ingredients and natural resources

We do this for the sake of our guests, since the fresh, Greenlandic ingredients simply taste amazing. But we also choose Greenlandic goods as often as we can to reduce the need for transport to the lodge, and at the same time contribute as much as possible to the local growth.

# 3 Our drinking water is filtered meltwater from the ice sheet

There is no need to transport water countless kilometres to Eqi when we can fetch drinking water of the highest quality directly from the source. We naturally purify the water through UV filters, and we also send regular tests to Nuuk to ensure its quality. In addition, meltwater from Greenlands Ice sheet include several healthy minerals. In Glacier Lodge Eqi, you get some of the worlds most healthy and pure drinking water. 

# 4 We have marked paths and hiking trails in the area

Greenland’s nature is vulnerable and do regenerate slowly. But sustainable holidays and wild experiences can still easily go hand in hand. Among other things, we have marked paths and hiking routes in the area around the Eqi glacier, where you are guaranteed spectacular views. We strongly encourage our guests to stay on the marked paths and hiking trails. Both for their own safety, and to ensure that we disturb our beautiful nature as little as possible.

# 5 We have a goal of making our lodges 100% free of disposable plastic

You can help us achieve this goal by bringing your own recyclable water bottle. If you forgot to bring one, you can buy BPA-free bottles at Glacier Lodge Eqi and fill it without cost with the purest meltwater from the ice sheet.

We hope you will support our sustainable vision by following our calls for action at Glacier Lodge Eqi.

#4 We support Greenlandic Children's Association

World of Greenland has become ISUMASSUISOQ for the Association of Greenlandic Children. ISUMASSUISOQ can best be translated as “one who takes responsibility for others”.

The purpose of the collaboration is to support the association's work to give Greenlandic children, and thus Greenland a better future. This is done through summer camps, workshops for children and parents, collaboration for company visits and internships, and by offering all children and young people a child assistant in the meeting with the authorities. here.

In addition to sponsoring an annual amount, we also give you the opportunity, quite simply, to sponsor 100, - to the Greenlandic Children's Association, when you book a stay in Glacier Lodge Eqi. 

We deeply hope you will help us giving our beautiful country and our children a brighter future!