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Boat tour to Glacier Lodge Eqi

Your Greenlandic adventure begins here

The Eqi Glacier is located about 80 km north of Ilulissat and it is only accessible by boat or helicopter. When you book a stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi, your experience therefore begins with a unique boat trip from Ilulissat to the Eqi Glacier. The boat trip from Ilulissat to Eqi is not just a matter of transportation. It is where your exclusive stay begins. 

On the way we pass tiny settlements, steep fields, beautiful waterfalls and icebergs in incredible shapes and colors. And that is before two glaciers and the enormous Icesheet is in sight. If we are lucky we might even spot seals and whales on the way.


  • The boat trip takes approximately 3,5 hour each way.
  • A 2-hour lunch stop in front of the glacier is included on the way to Eqi.
  • The boat departs Ilulissat in the morning at 09.30 am.
  • The boat arrives at Glacier Lodge Eqi in the afternoon at 3.00 pm.
  • Arrival in Ilulissat is at dinner time 6.30 pm.
  • Lunch, coffee/tea and a lecture about the area is included on the way to Eqi
  • Afternoon cake and tea and coffee is included on the way back to Ilulissat.
  • Transfer from Hotel Arctic or Disko Line Explorer to and from the boat is included.

Open from mid-June - mid-September

Follow the footsteps of a polar explorer

The area that surrounds Glacier Lodge Eqi offers many fascinating experiences.

The French polar explorer and adventurer Paul-Émile Victor had his base right where our lodge is today, and his old expedition hut known as the French hut is still there. Victor went to Eqi in 1948-1953 to make geologically exploration of the Ice Sheet. 

On our guided hike to the ice sheet, we follow in the footsteps of Paul-Émile Victor. In some areas you can still see traces from his tracked vehicles, that carried equipment on the ice sheet. On the hike we pass by remains of his transportation cables and tracked vehicles before we walk on the edge of the enormous ice sheet.

There are several hikes in the area, they consist of different length and level of difficulties. If you choose to buy a guided hike, our staff will ensure warm coffee a nice atmosphere and of course tell you lots about the history of the area, and the flora and fauna we pass by.

Are you more into relaxation and well-being? Then try our latest initiative at Glacier Lodge Eqi – sauna with glacier view. 

Are you like most, you will also enjoy a quiet afternoon on the terrase, with the great company of your family and friends? We dare to promise, that you need to look far to find more beautiful surroundings to enjoy the presence in. 

In other words, there is plenty to experience in Eqi, and we recommend you stay at least 2 nights, if you want to see all that the place has to offer.

At Glacier Lodge Eqi, we are here for you. We love to pamper and surprise you, and our staff are always ready with assistance, good advice and good company. We will ensure the good atmosphere and hope you will visit us in Eqi with an open mind – ready for a real wilderness experience.

The area around Glacier Lodge Eqi offers world-class hiking. But we also offer a UTV tour, where we drive in the tracks of the old polar expeditions into the Ice Sheet.


What previous guests say

Bijoy C
Bijoy C
Unexpected pleasant surprise
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"My wife and I spent several days at these glass cabins at Eqi watching the massive glacier all day and night. It is easy to access by boats from the city of Illulissat in Greenland. Local airline travel folks arranged everything for us. We have traveled to more than a hundred countries around the globe and watched many glaciers from tour boats. Nothing can match watching the glacier from your bed. This experience is unmatched. This resort with separate glass cabins is expensive but fantastic. We watched the Glacier from a short distance from the comfort of our lavish and comfortable beds passed midnight until we fell asleep, We watched whenever we woke up and all day long. We watched the tsunami caused by calving and watched them drown the suicide beach. Tour boats below looked like bouncing toys."
Lovely rustic lodge
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"We stayed 2 nights as part of a self guided tour. We stayed in a standard cabin, which was very spacious, nicely decorated and had great views of the glacier. The standard cabins use shared bathrooms and showers, but that was not a problem. The food is included in the stay, the breakfast and dinners both excellent using foods primarily from Greenland. There are several good hikes from the lodge. We were very pleased with our stay here."
Highlight of our trip!
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"We stayed in a Comfort Hut for one night. We are a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children, ages 10 and 11). The hut was perfect for us - double bed for the adults and single beds for the children. Small table to play games, full bathroom, and the best part - front deck to watch the glacier. ... The boat trip up to the glacier was wonderful! I never got bored of the icebergs. ... All of the meals were fantastic - musk ox steaks, halibut, salads, bread, etc. The hut was comfortable for sleeping - the blackout curtains were pretty good. Do not miss the hike! It was a beautiful hike, and the guide was wonderful with the kids. Tons of flowers, birds, etc. All of the guides at the camp are wonderful. ... This is a very pricey trip, but it was honestly the highlight of our 2.5 week adventure.

Good reasons to stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi

No signal - no stress

At Glacier Lodge Eqi we have neither Wi-Fi nor mobile signal - and our guests love it. Here we cultivate presence and calmness. There are few places where this is still possible, and you will be surprised by how little you think about your phone.

Calving Glacier

When else are you going to get up, eat, hike, sit in a sauna, bathe and go to bed with a direct view of a calving glacier?

Exclusive experiences

From Glacier Lodge Eqi we offer a range of unique experiences in that cannot be bought from Ilulissat. At Glacier Lodge Eqi we are all by ourselves.

Wild nature

The area around Eqi is completely unique. The ice sets the frame for the beautiful surroundings. At the same time, it is lush here during summertime with masses of flowers, mushrooms, berries, arctic foxes and snow hares.

You will also have

Your stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi includes

Glacier view

There is glacier view from all cabins and tents in Glacier Lodge Eqi.


Many hotels offer free wifi, in Glacier Lodge Eqi we offer a wifi-free vacation.

Full board

Continental breakfast buffet, lunch or lunch pack and a 3 course dinner.

Private terrace

All cabins and tents have a private terrace with comfortable sun loungers.


Transport with boat from Ilulissat to Eqi and return.


5 hours hike to the top of the glacier moraine on departure day.

Glacier Lodge Eqi

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Difficulty Level
1: Easy

An easy tour means that you must be able to walk a few kilometers in slightly hilly terrain. Like taking a walk on paths in the woods, with a little detour every now and then. You must also be mobile enough to be able to board a boat, even if it may sway a little.

2: Moderate

Accessible to anyone with good health, who is used to off-road walking and hiking. When it comes to sledding, we call it moderate, as you may have to get off the sled and walk / run next to it. In addition, you need to have a healthy back as there will be bumps along the way.

3: Challenging

On a challenging hike you must be able to walk up and down steep hills. You may also have to walk on loose rocks and cross streams, and walk on snow/ice. Involves hiking with a backpack. When challenging is used in connection with sledding tours, it is because we expec that you can walk / run after the sledge up hills, if this is needed. 

4: Demanding

On a demanding hike we expect you to be in good physical shape. This means that you can hike long distances, maybe during several days, and that you can climb many altimeters during the day. Eg. our hike to the Inland Ice, where 1000 altimeters and 20 km must be climbed in one day. Demanding hikes involve hiking with your own backpack.


Expedition level. Requires considerable effort and perseverance. Only suitable for people in really good physical shape.

Besøgende til Glacier Lodge Eqi

Glacier Lodge Eqi, er beliggende på fjeldet 100 m over vandet. Vi anbefaler derfor at bagage medbringes i en rygsæk, da stigningen ikke gør det muligt at medbringe en kuffert. Bemærk, at landgangen ikke er handikapvenlig. Alle vandreture i Eqi, samt vandring på egen hånd bør betragtes som fjeldture der går fra udfordrende til meget krævende.

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