Northern lights in Ilulissat

Experience northern lights in Ilulissat

When dark evenings occur with clear skies, there is a magical event that often unfolds over Ilulissat – the breathtaking northern lights. Join us on this short tour that takes you away from the worst light pollution and out into the darker areas. This is where the darkness is most intense. Under the starry sky, your guide will tell about how this phenomenon occurs, while serving a well deserved hot drink.

Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is undoubtedly the most spectacular phenomenon in the night sky. 

Please note
In case of cloudy weather, the tour will not take place. In this case, we will cancel the trip and try to arrange it on another day when you have the opportunity to participate. If this is not possible, we will of course refund the full amount for the tour.

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1,5 hour


Sept - Jan

Min. participants

2 persons

Price per person
DKK 295,-

Northern lights in the backcountry

In our comfortable, heated cabin on the snow cat, you will have the opportunity to explore the harsh and breathtaking polar night in complete comfort.

We leave the city's light pollution behind us as we drive up through the canyon that winds between the mountains and takes us into the UNESCO area.

During the drive, you will learn about local legends and stories about Greenlandic supernatural creatures.

After approximately 40 minutes of driving, we reach our destination, which is located on top of a mountain with a unique view of the surrounding polar sky. Here we take a well-deserved break and light the burner to get some heat.

The dense, arctic darkness is an enchanting experience, and if we're lucky, the polar night will show itself from its very best side with twinkling stars and dancing northern lights.

Please note 
The tour will be completed even if the sky is cloudy.

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2,5 hours


Feb - April

Min. participants

8 participants

Price per person
DKK 695,-

Northern lights at Igloo Lodge

If you stay overnight at Igloo Lodge, in clear weather there are very good chances of seeing the most beautiful northern lights, completely unspoiled by light pollution. 

From the cabin, which is 15 km out in the backcountry behind Ilulissat, we are far away from the light pollution that comes from Ilulissat. Here, the polar night is as dense as it can get, and it gives us good opportunities to see the many details in the movements of the northern lights as they dance across the sky. 


Did you know...?

  • The northern lights also occur during summer in Ilulissat - we just can't see it because of the light. 
  • For many years, the Northern Lights have caused stir and wonder. An old Inuit legend tells that the northern lights arose when the deceased in the heavenly realm played football with the skull of a walrus.  
  • The Northern Lights are full of wonders. It can change in color and intensity incredibly quickly, and it can disappear completely and reappear in a matter of minutes. 
  • Sometimes the northern lights are bright in color and move quickly, while sometimes they lie like a thin veil across the night sky.
  • There is no better month to experience the magic of the northern lights. They can be seen on clear nights from the beginning of September until the beginning of April.