Café Victor

Glacier Lodge Eqi

Café Victor

Når du booker et ophold ved Glacier Lodge Eqi, er der altid inkluderet helpension. Du kan nyde dine måltider i vores hyggelige café ved navn Café Viktor. Caféen er opkaldt efter den anerkendte, franske polarforsker Poul-Emilie Victor.  

Even though Glacier Lodge Eqi are located in the middle of the Greenlandic wilderness, we can promise you that your tastebuds are in for a treat. Café Victor's staff prepares wonderful meals with a focus on taste, cosiness, and sustainability. (


• 8 to 9:30 am a continental breakfast is served.

• Noon to 1 pm lunch is served. 

• 6:30 to 9 pm a 3 course dinner is served.

Greenlandic food with a Nordic twist

A visit to Greenland is not simply all about nature and culture, it is also about treating your taste buds to local, Greenlandic food. Expand your culinary horizon and add an extra perspective to your Greenland experience, an insight in the local kitchen. All your meals are served in our restaurant in Glacier Lodge Eqi - Café Viktor. In the morning you will be served a classic continental breakfast. Dinner is comprised by a 3 course menu, prepared from local produce, such as halibut, shrimps, reindeer, musk ox or lamb. All made with a new Nordic twist.  

As sustainability is part of our DNA at World of Greenland, we mainly try to use local, Greenlandic ingredients in our cooking. In addition to this, we grow our own herbs as far as possible and often use long-lasting, Nordic vegetables in our dishes.

In this way, we can offer our guests tasty food from predominantly local ingredients while contributing to the local commitment and avoiding unnecessary transport.