Ilimanaq Lodge

Sustainable holiday at Ilimanaq Lodge

Sustainability and green energy are undoubtedly here to stay. It has gradually become a natural part of many people's everyday lives, and this is exactly how it should be, also during your travels. That is why we, at World of Greenland, are proud to be able to offer sustainable tourism with a focus on the use of natural resources. On this page, you can read more about how you can travel with a clear conscience at Ilimanaq Lodge

Ecotourism in scenic areas with a focus on sustainability and green energy

Ilimanaq Lodge is a front runner when it comes to ecotourism in Disko Bay. We are a 100% Greenlandic company. That means all our corporate taxes and personal taxes are paid locally in Avannaata Kommunia. We engage in in local debates and arrangements. In addition to this, we focus on sustainability in the following areas:

# 1 We run on green energy

We have implemented solar panels on all cabins. They produce energy and hot water. All excess energy is sold low-priced to Ilimanaqs residents. We encourage you to remember to turn of the power outlet, save on the hot water, so that nothing is squandered.

# 2 We use Greenlandic ingerients and natural resources

We predominantly use Greenlandic ingredients in Ilimanaq Lodge. We do this primarily because they simply taste better, but also because we can simultaneously reduce the need for transportation. Finally, we support the use of local resources as it contributes significantly to local growth.

# 3 We battle waste of food

I Ilimanaq Lodge har vi fokus på at reducere madspild. Overskydende mad doneres til lokale fangeres hunde.

# 4 We have great ambitions - we want to make our lodge free of disposable plastic

We do not sell water or soft drinks in plastic bottles. If you join an excursion in Ilimanaq, we encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle. We will gladly fill it for you with the purest Greenlandic meltwater. If you do not have a water bottle, we see BPA-free bottles in our reception. We hope you want to participate, so that we together can reach our goal.

# 5 Local project

Ilimanaq Lodge is as much for you as a guest as it is for the local hunter or fisherman. We believe that the settlement also needs to benefit from our beautiful lodge and seek to cooperate in the broadest possible sense. We happily buy produce from local hurters and fishermen, and locally made souvenirs. We cooperate with a local tour operator regarding the excursions that takes place in Ilimanaq and the surrounding area. We hire as many locals as we can, and we support projects in the settlement. 

#6 We take care of nature

Greenland’s nature is vulnerable and do regenerate slowly. But sustainable holidays and great hiking can still easily go hand in hand. We have marked paths and hiking routes with stone cairns in the area around Ilimanaq and we strongly encourage our guests to stay on the marked paths and hiking trails. Both for their own safety, and to ensure that we disturb our beautiful nature as little as possible.