KOKS at Ilimanaq Lodge

Since opening in 2017, Ilimanaq Lodge has served food from Greenlandic ingredients prepared with a stylish New Nordic twist.

During the summer seasons of 2022-2024, the team from the 2-Star Michelin restaurant KOKS are operating our restaurant.

We believe this collaboration under the direction of KOKS award-winning Head Chef Poul Andrias Ziska will take Greenland’s gastronomic tourism to new heights, and put Greenland on the world map of new, exciting must-visit destinations.

If you want to spice up your trip with the unique flavours of Greenlandic food, be sure to visit KOKS at Ilimanaq Lodge. The style and quality will be KOKS' 2 Michelin stars worthy, but with a more informal ambience.

Guests staying overnight at Ilimanaq Lodge can purchase the KOKS tasting menu in connection with their stay, but it is also possible to purchase a smaller dining experience at Restaurant Egede. Beverages are purchased separately on site.
Lunch sandwiches can be purchased on site if desired.

If you want to visit KOKS without staying overnight at Ilimanaq Lodge, a boat shuttle can be bought through us on this page

KOKS is open from June 12th – September 7th 2024.
Prices for KOKS are found here

Ilimanaq Lodge and Restaurant Egede is open from June 12th – September 10th 2024.


Sea View

All bungalows in Ilimanaq Lodge have large windows overlooking the Disko Bay and private terraces.


Many hotels offer free wifi, in Ilimanaq Lodge we offer a wifi-free vacation.

Private shower

All bungalows at Ilimanaq Lodge have private bathroom with modern facilities.

green initiatives

All bungalows run on solar energy, and all surplus power is passed on to the settlement, so that we can all save on the use of the generator.


We transport your luggage from reception to the lodge area.


KOKS breakfast is included in the overnight stay.

Possible purchases

We organize various excursions at Ilimanaq Lodge of varying length and style. Learn more here.

Boat shuttle

You can easily add on the boat shuttle between Ilulissat and Ilimanaq with us when you book your stay at Ilimanaq Lodge.

Ilimanaq dinner

If you are not up for KOKS tasting menu or stay several nights, you can purchase a smaller menu at Restaurant Egede as an add on when booking a stay.

KOKS is open Wednesday-Saturday. Book your table at KOKS directly.


You can purchase lunch sandwich on site at the lodge.

If you want to visit KOKS without staying overnight you can purchase boat shuttle for ta day visit here.

In historical surroundings

KOKS is situated in Ilimanaq’s old colonial managers residence from 1741. It one of Greenland’s oldest houses. The house was build by the well-known missionary and tradesman Paul Egede - son of Hans Egede who came to Greenland as the very first missionary.

In 2017 the building was renovated by Realdania By & Byg. They have won the renowned Europe Nostra Award for this renovation. Realdania who is behind Realdania By & Byg is also responsible for Ilulissat Icefiord Center. The renovation has been done with focus on the building’s original materials and colours. You can thus, experience an original sail from a whalership, canvas walls, original planks and woodwork from the 1700s and a tarred facade with a scent that takes you to another world.