Excursions at Glacier Lodge Eqi

Daytour to the Ice Sheet

* Requires two nights in Glacier Lodge Eqi

A hike to the ice sheet is long and very varied. We will encounter many different types of landscapes, from lush lowlands to windswept highlands, moraines and of course the ice sheet with its cracks, streams and glacier wells. On the trip, we follow the polar explorer Paul-Emile Victor's trail all the way to the ice sheet. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, supplies were transported by trailed vehicles for the famous ice sheet expeditions, and we can still see the remains of these machines, as well as an old cable car, today. Half-way through the day, we take a break in a beautiful valley with a view of a dead glacier and eat our lunch before we begin the hike across the moraine and into the ice sheet. In our humble opinion, this is the absolute highlight of the trip where you, among other things, get to experience the ice edge zone. We then head back to our lodges, where a well-deserved dinner awaits us.

Our guides are specially trained to take you on this trip on the ice, and they always bring safety equipment such as satellite phones, GPS, avalanche sticks and first aid equipment.

The trip is demanding, but it does not require special training or equipment. This is not a technically difficult hike, but since we walk 20 km and climb about 1.000 meters, you need to be in good shape.

Please note The tour departs from Glacier Lodge Eqi in the morning. Therefore, to participate you need a minimum of two nights in Glacier Lodge Eqi.


10 hours


July 1st. - August 31st.

Min. participants

4 participants

Price per adult from
DKK 1250,-

Hike to the Delta

* Requires one night in Glacier Lodge Eqi

This hike takes you to the edge of the delta. We have flora and fauna in focus when we walk past the French hut and continue towards the impressive Delta. Here the landscape opens, and you get a fantastic view of the delta.

Here the greyish meltwater from the ice sheet rushes out into a branched network of small rivers to eventually open into the bay. We walk on small paths along the coast and keep an eye on the possibility of spotting snow hares, polar foxes, bell flowers and marsh Labrador Tea. If we are lucky, we might even catch a glimpse of the sea eagles, which often build nests on the cliff edge. Both out and back you will find an amazing view of the Eqi glacier.

Please note
The trip starts from Glacier Lodge Eqi in the afternoon and is approx. 4 km long.The whole trip takes place in mountain terrain and takes about 3 hours.. Coffee or tea will be served along the way. 


June 15th - Sept. 10th


3 hours

Min. participants

2 persons

Price per adult from
DKK 395,-