Terms and payment policy

It is always a good idea to read the pages that are written in small prints. The under-mentioned terms are the basis of an agreement between you as a customer, and us as a tour operator. We, therefore, hope that you will read the conditions before you book your excursions.

World of Greenland has a product insurance through IF insurance. World of Greenland only uses approved boats by the Danish Søfartsstyrelsen for passenger sailing, and only boats with valid insurances. Likewise, only helicopters with all necessary permits from ‘Statens Lufthavnsvæsen’ and compulsory insurances are used and snowcats with all necessary permits and insurances.

General information

All prices given on the web page are the true prices. The only fees added are such as the fee charged by banks for handling the transaction (see the section below regarding credit card fees). In Greenland VAT or any other taxes are not added on excursions, accommodation, or transportation.

All contracts between buyer and World of Greenland are made in either Danish or English.

The web page is continuously updated with new excursions, pictures, and news.


You can, without a handling fee enroll yourself the activities through our website www.worldofgreenland.com, by phone or e-mail. Reservations are only finally confirmed when the online payment has gone through. 7 days after the reservation is done, the booking will automatically be canceled if the payment has not gone through. Reservations on boat transfer to our lodges are only finally confirmed when you receive the tickets per e-mail. We send confirmations, tickets, and if necessary other necessary information per e-mail. Please, remember to read these documents through before departure. They hold important information and good advice about your activities. If the names on the sent confirmation or tickets do not match your order, you should contact us right away and make us aware of that.

Reservations are only finally confirmed once the online payment has been completed. 

We send confirmations, tickets and possibly other necessary information by e-mail. You must therefore bring these documents yourself, as documentation of your stay and excursions. Remember to read these documents before departure. They contain important information and good advice about the booked activities. 

If the names of your ticket or confirmation do not match your booking, please remember to notify us immediately.


World of Greenland reserves the right to cancel arrangements on the following conditions: too few participants, bad ice or snow-conditions, technical problems on boat, snowcat or helicopter, social tasks (such as Search & Rescue-flights, ambulance flights and in connection to a search, changes due to passenger flights), bad weather and in any situation beyond the control of World of Greenland, that will prohibit the execution of the excursion in a safe manner. It is respectively the captain of the helicopter, snowcat and boat or World of Greenland who decides if the weather permits the execution of the excursion or not. If World of Greenland cancels an excursion, because of the reasons mentioned above, the full amount paid for the excursion will be refunded to the customer, including any possible fees paid to World of Greenland.

If the customer has bought other excursions at World of Greenland and one activity influence another in the program, we will at no costs try to adjust the whole program, so everything can be done. If excursions in this connection should be canceled we also refund those, provided they are ordered through World of Greenland. World of Greenland doesn’t undertake the responsibility for other operators’ excursions if changes in the program affect these.

Shortened excursions

Excursions can, for various reasons, be shortened or changed on the way. It can be the weather, snow conditions on the trail, ice conditions, etc.

Vandreture kan ændres pga. uforudset tåge eller andet vejrlig, der ikke tillader turens fulde gennemførsel eller planlagt rute. Det er alene guiden på turen der afgør dette. Der ydes efterfølgende ingen kompensation eller erstatning for ændrede eller afkortede vandreture.

Helikopterture kan ændres i rute og længde pga. uforudset vejrlig. F.eks. tåge, kraftig vind etc. Det er alene piloten der afgør dette. Turen kan ligeledes afkortes hvis helikopteren får samfundsopgaver (fx Search & Rescue-flyvninger, ambulanceflyvninger eller eftersøgninger), samt andre tilfælde der ligger uden for World of Greenlands kontrol som umuliggør fuldførelse på forsvarlig vis. Hvis helikopterturen er afviklet med reduceret antal flyveminutter refunderes de manglende flyveminutter, hvis dette overskrider 25% af turens samlede længde. Der refunderes ikke for manglende landing og ground stop.

Bådture kan ændres i rute og længde afhængig af vejr og isforhold. Det er alene skibets kaptajn der afgør dette. Der refunderes efterfølgende for mistet sejltid, hvis dette overskrider 25% af turens samlede længde. 

If you as a customer wish to cancel, change or hand over reservations

We recommend you to buy health insurance and travel insurance so your excursions are ensured in case you, your traveling companions, or your nearest family are getting ill.

World of Greenland doesn’t take the responsibility for delays in the journey to Ilulissat in case of irregularity at tour operators. Should you be delayed in your journey to Ilulissat, which means you can’t participate in a bought activity, we ask you to contact World of Greenland as soon as possible. We will in every single case try to move the excursion, but there is no guaranty of this being possible. 

When the excursion is paid for and confirmed, it is not possible to cancel the ticket. The only exceptions are Force Majeure or COVID-19 related restrictions.

Sponsorships for the Greenlandic Children's Association are non-refundable.

Ticket required

Participation in activities isn’t possible without tickets. The ticket is personal and can not be used by others. Bring valid picture identification issued by proper authorities such as passport, driver's license, etc.

Minimum number of participants

Certain excursions have a given minimum number of participants. The given number is written in the certain excursions. We do, in few cases, exceptions and go through with fewer participants. Cancellation of excursions because of too few participants can happen up until an hour before the start of the excursion. If this should happen, we will offer something alternative. If this is not possible, we cancel and refund the excursion. In addition to this, no claim for compensation can be done against World of Greenland.

Difficulty level

World of Greenland requires that you have thoroughly read the excursion description of the ordered excursions. Including that the level of difficulty is matching your physical achievement. 


When booking an excursion at World of Greenland you provide us with your e-mail address. You yourself are responsible for informing us about possible changes to your e-mail account. 

Right to withdraw

There is no right to withdraw from accommodation and excursions bought at World of Greenland – no matter if it is purchased using the internet, through telephone, or by personal appearance at World of Greenland. The common right to withdraw doesn’t count on e.g. arrangements on accommodation, transport, provisioning, recreational activities if it emerges on the agreement on which day or in which period the arrangement is done. Therefore withdrawals are following the mentioned cancellation rules.

Liability to pay compensation

World of Greenland afskriver sig et hvert ansvar i forhold til aflyste ture, og kompensationer i forhold til forventede oplevelser. Endvidere afskriver vi os også enhver erstatningspligt i forhold til forsinkelser af udflugter, der betyder at deltagere mister forbindelse til anden videretransport.

World of Greenland begrænser endvidere erstatningsansvaret for flytransporternes vedkommende til de summer, der er fastsat i Luftfartsloven af 1960 med senere ændringer. Og for søtransport i henhold til  summerne fastsat i ”søloven” og Athen konventionen vedrørende søfart.


World of Greenland’s trips and tours are primarily for those who are “active”, and risky or dangerous situations may therefore occur, either in connection with or as a consequence of a trip. Unexpected situations may occur on hiking tours; boats may capsize, snowmobiles can tip over, etc.

World of Greenland tilstræber i alle situationer at udvise den størst mulige forsigtighed, og at foretage alle relevante sikkerhedsforanstaltninger, men det skal understreges, at det er på deltagerens eget ansvar at deltage i de arrangerede aktiviteter, og deltageren accepterer dermed den risiko, der er forbundet hermed. World of Greenland er dermed ikke ansvarlig for tab, skader, omkostninger eller udgifter, som følge af deltagelse i de arrangerede udflugter.  Deltageren opfordres til selv at være med til at vurdere situationen og sige fra, hvis han/hun føler sig utryg.


Any complaints are to be stated during the outing so the unsatisfactory conditions/circumstances can be tried to be solved at once. They are also going to be directed to the staff of World of Greenland immediately after the ending of the tour/trip. If you can’t solve the complaint, a written complaint is to be sent no later than 3 weeks after returning from the trip. All proceedings against World of Greenland are to be brought to the municipal court of Ilulissat in accordance with the Greenlandic judicial system. Complaints should be sent to e-mail info@wog.gl or by phone at +299 944 300. 

Price change after reservation

At World of Greenland, we have to reserve the right to after reservation, to increase the price because of changes in the conditions of purchases, cost of transport (including the price of fuel, taxes, charges or fees like airport-, landing- or take-off fees), foreign exchange quotations or other circumstances that we as organizers can not take into account beforehand.

Credit card fees/Transaction fees

Ved køb på kreditkort opkræver banken gebyrer som vi lægger oven i prisen. Vi opkræver de til enhver tid gældende gebyrer for pågældende kort. Per april 2019 så gebyrlisten sådan ud:

Dankort og Visa Dankort                                               2,5 DKK

Dansk udstedte debetkort                                             1,55% af ordren + 0,19 DKK

Dansk udstedte Mastercard og Visa                                2,00 % af ordren + 0,19 DKK

Internationalt udstedt debetkort                                    3,54% af ordren + 0,19 DKK

Internationalt udstedte Mastercard og visa                     3,99% af ordren + 0,19 DKK

Kreditkort gebyrer refunderes ikke, hvis kunden selv vælger at aflyse en udflugt. Hvis World of Greenland aflyser en udflugt vil gebyret blive refunderet.


World of Greenland has compulsory product insurances. But it doesn’t cover insurance of the participant’s personal belongings. Should personal belongings be damaged or lost on the excursion it is at one’s own expense or insurance. We, therefore, recommend that you write insurance that covers these cases before leaving the native country.

Other conditions

Vi har gjort vores bedste for at undgå trykfejl i vores katalog, brochurer og annoncer og på vores hjemmeside, men det kan jo svipse. Vi tager derfor forbehold for trykfejl i disse medier. Alle søgsmål mod World of Greenland skal anlægges ved kredsretten i Ilulissat efter grønlandsk ret