Boat tours in Ilulissat

We offer following boat tours in Ilulissat

Sailing between Icebergs

On this trip, we get close to the huge icebergs that are the city's hallmark. The Isfjord cruise is our most popular boat tour, and an absolute must-do when you visit Ilulissat.
Price per adult from
DKK 695,-

Whale Safari

Thistour is all about the giants of the sea. From June to September, we are visited by several different types of whales - primarily humpback whales and fin whales. We see whales on about 9 out of 10 trips.
Price per adult from
DKK 1195,-

Kayak Experience

In the kayak we are at one with the elements. The lapping of the waves against the hull, the deafening silence, water splashing from the paddle. The Isfjorden doesn't look any better than seen from a kayak.
Price per adult from
DKK 1250,-

Daytour to Eqi Glacier

Eqi is a very special place. Here, as one of very few places in the world, we have the opportunity to get close to a calving glacier. The meeting with Eqi and the forces of nature is a great experience that you must try when visiting Ilulissat.
Price per adult from
DKK 2445,-

Sailing tours in Disko Bay

Welcome to Ilulissat – a paradise for boat tours!

Ilulissat, located on the west coast of Greenland, is a spectacular destination for adventurous visitors. One of the best ways to explore this breathtaking area is through boat tours offered by World of Greenland.

Disko Bay is known as an exotic, arctic pearl. Here you will find everything in one place – the cleanest air, the clearest cold water, the largest icebergs, the most impressive glaciers and fantastic wildlife. In Disko Bay, there are some of the world's largest species of whales, lots of seals and fish in large numbers. In other words, the framework is set for a multitude of unforgettable experiences on the water. 

There are many exciting sailing tours in the area. Due to the harsh conditions, most sailing trips only take place in the summer period from June to the end of September. We have collected the most popular boat tours departing from the activity hub of Disko Bay, Ilulissat, in the list below. 

Short about us

World of Greenland is a 100% Greenlandic company with deep roots in tourism around Ilulissat. We are part of the Air Greenland group, which means that we are owned by the Greenlandic government, and ultimately by the Greenlandic people. We are proud of that and it obliges us to be among the preferred providers to showcase our beautiful country.

At World of Greenland, we put great honor in cooperating with many different, smaller boat operators. We do this because we want to contribute to a broad tourism-related growth in Greenlandic society. 

We live for 2 things:

  • We aim to deliver the most exotic and unique experiences to the discerning and quality-conscious traveler, through a sustained focus on quality, accountability and sustainable development.
  • We lift Greenland.


We look forward to showing you beautiful Ilulissat from the seaside.