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Are you looking for spectacular accommodation in the area around Ilulissat? Then you have come to the right place!

Ilulissat is the most popular destination in Greenland - with good reason! Ilulissat has it all. Here you will find huge icebergs, whales and seals, good hiking opportunities, a rich cultural life and many different restaurants and hotels. But if you want to experience what Greenland really has to offer, you have to look further into Disko Bay and the area around Ilulissat. Several great adventures await out here.  

We own and operate several lodges in Disko Bay. All our lodges have in common that their magnificent location and concept add up to a higher unity that will give our visitors the exclusive and authentic experience they won't forget. We create memories that last. Our lodges are more than just a hotel – each lodge is a small destination in itself, offering unique accommodation and exciting experiences in one place. Regardless of whether you dream of world-class nature experiences and hiking or pure relaxation, we have something for you. 

Below you can find an overview of our different lodges - we look forward to welcoming you!

If you are looking for a more traditional hotel in Ilulissat, we recommend that you visit our sister hotel Hotel Arctic.


Welcome to World of Greenland.

World of Greenland is a 100% Greenlandic company, which is part of the Air Greenland group. In the end, we are therefore owned by the Greenlandic people, and we are proud of that. It obliges us to do our absolute best every single day to showcase our beautiful country. And that obliges us to have a local perspective in everything we do. 

We are a bunch of adventurous individuals who are passionate about sharing the amazing arctic world with you. 

In addition to running unique lodges, we arrange a selection of excursions from Ilulissat, including boat trips, cultural tours, helicopter tours and more. We are one of the few operators that is open all year round.

We always have a watchful eye on tourism trends, and act as first movers in relation to these. Through close contact with our guests and partners, we continuously evaluate new ideas and launch flagships, which will become pioneering projects for further initiatives in Greenlandic tourism and business.

We work purposefully with Visit Greenland's national tourism strategy as a guideline, and believe that we will get the farthest through cooperation - both locally and nationally.
We believe that locally based projects and democratic community participation will create fertile ground for further growth in the company and in local as well as national development.



Do you have a weakness for adventure combined with high comfort, spectacular experiences, and wild nature? Well, then a stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi is the perfect vacation for you.

What makes Glacier Lodge Eqi special is the spectacular location right next to a calving glacier. Scientists believe that this particular glacier is the one that calves most often of all glaciers in the northern hemisphere. You are therefore guaranteed to experience the creak and crash of the glacier when it cracks and when chunks of ice fall into the fjord. 

The Eqi Glacier is located about 80 km north of Ilulissat and it is only accessible by boat or helicopter. When you book a stay at Glacier Lodge Eqi, your experience therefore begins with a unique boat trip from Ilulissat to the Eqi Glacier. The boat trip from Ilulissat to Eqi is not just a matter of transportation. It is where your exclusive stay begins. 

In the area around ​​Glacier Lodge Eqi, there is also numerous exciting hikes. The lodge is only approx. 12 km from the enormous ice cap, which covers 80% of Greenland - the Inland Ice Sheet. It is possible to hike up to the Inland Ice Sheet, either on a day tour or with an overnight stay in our Base Camp at the foot of the ice. There is also a hike to the Glacier moraine or to a delta formed by meltwater from the ice.

At Glacier Lodge Eqi, we focus on proper catering, and therefore serve a wonderful 3-course menu every evening, which is included in your stay. 

Just a 3 hours boat tour from Ilulissat

Glacier Lodge Eqi is located in the Greenlandic wilderness, 3 hours sailing from Ilulissat. But don't worry - we take care of all logistics when you book a stay with us.

Open from June - September

Glacier Lodge Eqi is open from mid-June to mid-September. After this, the ice closes in the bay at the lodge until June next year.

One, two or three nights

Most guests stay one, two or three nights at Glacier Lodge Eqi. If you want to reach the Inland Ice, you must have at least two nights.

Glamping or comfort

You can either choose to spend the night in a cabin with electricity, heating and a private bathroom - or you can choose our more budget-friendly glamping concept.



Are you dreaming of an idyllic holiday in a small Greenlandic settlement with focus on precense and quality? Then book your trip to Ilimanaq Lodge today.

The journey through Ilulissat Icefiord is in a league of its own. We zig zag through some of the world’s largest icebergs, and with a bit of luck we will encounter a whale or two before we arrive at the small quay of Ilimanaq. It is no coincidence that the area is part of UNESCOs world heritage list. The boat tour is easy to purchase when booking a stay at the lodge.

Many guests at Ilimanaq Lodge enjoy spending time in their sea view bungalow – here there is a very special tranquility that is hard to find elsewhere. 

But there is a wide selection of experiences in the area around Ilimanaq. Since the 2-star Michelin restaurant KOKS opened in the lodge's restaurant in 2022, Greenlandic gastronomy has been at the forefront of Ilimanaq Lodge. Here, Greenlandic ingredients are served in new and creative interpretations – an experience you must not miss when visiting the Disko Bay. 

In addition to the gastronomy, there is a selection of exciting excursions in the area at Ilimanaq. 

We look forward to welcoming you at Ilimanaq Lodge!

Just 45 minutes boat ride form Ilulissat

Ilimanaq Lodge is located approx. 15 km from Ilulissat, on the other side of Ilulissat Icefjord. The boat trip here from Iulissat can be purchased additionally when booking.

Open from June - September

Ilimanaq Lodge is open from mid-June until mid-September when the frost sets in.

One, two or three nights

Most guests stay one, two or three nights at Ilimanaq Lodge. We offer a multitude of different experiences in the area.


All bungalows at Ilimanaq Lodge are beautifully and comfortably furnished with room for two guests. There is a sleeping area, lounge, terrace with sea view and a bathroom.


Try a completely unique experience with an overnight stay in an igloo near Ilulissat. Here you will get in sync with the Arctic night, and maybe even experience the northern lights dancing above your igloo. 

Igloo Lodge is not a fancy Ice-Hotel – it is the real deal. It is for you who wants to experience the total silence, the magnificent surroundings, and the dancing aurora borealis in a nice cozy atmosphere. For you who dares to go off the beaten track, for you who wants a little more.

Igloo Lodge is located 15 kilometers into the backcountry of Ilulissat. It may not sound far away, but with pristine and wild terrain with no roads, the trip there itself becomes an adventure.

The trip to the Igloo Lodge takes place in a heated cabin on a snow cat. As our guest, you can sit indoors in peace and quiet, and at the same time enjoy the snowy winter landscape passing by.

From the big cabin, you can keep up with the traffic, comprised of dog sledges and snow mobiles, passing by on the large frozen lake. Here is plenty opportunity to pull the plug, forget the everyday life and just enjoy the present.

Wew also offer a selection of exciting activities at Igloo Lodge – including dog sledding, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. 

All food and transport are of course included in your stay – you just have to sit back and enjoy the spectacular surroundings.

Just 15 km from Ilulissat

Igloo Lodge is located 15 km from Ilulissat. You get here with a "snowcat", and the tour lasts approx. 1.5 hours.

Open from Feburary - April

Igloo Lodge is open from late January to mid-April, when the snow begins to melt.

One or two nights

You can stay at Igloo Lodge for one or two nights. A selection of exciting activities is offered by the lodge.


You don't have to spend the night in the igloo to visit us. We also have a warm and cozy room for you inside the cabin.


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